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    [Guide] Adding item to shopping mall.

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    Mini Icon Topic [Guide] Adding item to shopping mall.

    Post by Cruey on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:18 pm

    ok guys i would like to thanks the great :p cypherghoser1 first for releasing how to replace item i wouldn't remember all this without his guide, so thought of sharing this as a pay back. :handsdown:

    *Recommanded to read this first*

    alright everyone probably seen his guide about replacing item on shopping mall.. so lets now do this new version of adding new item instead.

    first of all.
    make a backup for your shop.dat :rolleyes: i don't want you all to act like heros from first try.

    now open WinHex... or w/e you using.

    Search > Find Hex Values (CTRL + ALT + X)
    search for

    B7 04 <--- Shopping mall ID 1207

    on same line or under it you should find 2 hex number which usually on the current version is
    C5 <--- 197
    thats the item amount in shopping mall

    Press F8 on keyboard convert 198 to hexdecimal
    which will become
    C6 <--- 198

    and replace this with the C5 hex

    now near it u will find first item

    the one highlighted is the first item on your shopping mall

    highlight the whole hexs of the first item

    the copy it (CTRL + C)

    after this set your target exactly where the 2nd item starts

    and paste the first item here (CTRL + V)

    you will get a warning

    press yes and let it add the hexs

    now change the new hex raw to the item ID u want set it as whatever u want, use cypher guide for more instructions about replacing an ID.

    More Informations:
    to set an item in different shopping mall section (Gears , Eudemons , Misc)

    change the words that come right after the item ID

    Item = Misc tab
    Equipment = Gear tab
    Egg = Eudemons tab
    if you want

    to make *New* show on item change the 2nd null to new

    this is kinda medium guide anyone welcome to make easyer version of it Very Happy

    don't forget to press thanks Razz and everyone welcome on my servers.

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