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    [Guide] Most comonly encountered problems when making a Eudemons Online private

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    Mini Icon Topic [Guide] Most comonly encountered problems when making a Eudemons Online private

    Post by Cruey on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:04 pm

    Hello Elitepvpers,
    This is a guide explaining the most commonly encountered problems when making a Eudemons Private Server. In this guide I will explain why you get certain problems and how to resolve them.

    Why I'm making this guide:
    To cut down on useless threads.
    Help out people.

    Anyway on to the first part.

    Account Server Crash:

    This it when your account server will open for a few seconds and then display this:

    As you can see the program has crashed.
    These are some of the things that may be wrong.

    1. Your config setting in the Account Server files.
    2. Your MySQL is not working properly.
    3. You don't have the right version of Microsoft .net framework.

    To resolve this problem:

    1. To fix this problem you will have to change you config setting to the correct settings. ( you have to complete that)
    2. If the MySQL red light is on I suggest re-installing the MySQL service.
    To do that all you have to do is go to C:\Windows\my.ini and delete my.ini then click on winmysqladmin.exe to re-install the service. Then a window will pop up asking for a user name and password. Put “root” in the user name box and “test” in the password box.
    3. Download version 2.0 and install it.

    If this hasn't helped ask a question below.

    “Connecting to” problem:

    This is what this problem will look like:

    This can happen on both the NPC sever and Message server.
    As you can see the program's are trying to connect to each other, but they cant.
    There is only one reason why this will happen. Your config setting are wrong.
    To fix this you will have to correct your settings. (I cant help with that)

    If this hasn't helped ask a question below.

    Server is down problem:

    When you get this message:

    It means that you have the oem.ini and the oem.dat wrong.
    To fix this all you have to do is change you oem files to be correct.

    If this hasn't helped ask a question below.

    Message server close problem:

    This one is a pain to fix because there can be so many different things that make it go wrong.

    05:22:31 Message: SHELL: Kernel logic closing...
    When this appears is normally means that some part of your database is missing. Could be a list of multiple things.
    most likely its the GameMap.ini
    Fix for that is to replace your GameMap.ini in the msg server with the one you're going to be using in the client.
    Also review the sz_server log file for the missing map
    If this hasn't helped ask a question below.

    ProSHELL info:

    ProShell is a program that changes the config setting in all of the shell files. It makes it quicker than just manually typing it in.

    This picture here is not an error it means that the config files have been changed successfully.
    People are asking about it so i added it in.

    Capital letter:

    This problem is one of the more common login problems, because its so easy to do.This is because the game doesn't read the capital letter.
    When I make an account with a capital letter in the name or password you wont be able to login.
    It will say this:

    To fix this problem all you have to do is change your account username or password with the capital letter in it.

    Port error:

    When you get this message:
    it means that you don't have the port open.
    All you have to do is open the port, which can be done in your modem configuration.
    MySQL - Credits to XxFearReaperXx

    These are the thing you should check if you have a MySQL problem.
    Windows 7-
    1. Reboot Computer in safe mode.
    2. Remove my.ini located in
    3. "C:\Windows\my.ini"
    4. Back Track to "C:\"
    5. Delete wamp.tmp/xampp.tmp
    6. Open C:\wamp/xampp\mysql\ Uninstall Service.bat (pending where it is located)
    7. Repair Mysql Database Through Navicat
    8. BACK UP ALL DATABASES and place in a safe place (preferable desktop)
    9. Uninstall Wamp\Xampp
    10. Delete Wamp/Xampp Folder
    11. Restart Computer
    12. Reinstall WAMP/XAMPP on Administration Mode
    "right click ---> Run As Admin..."
    13. Drop your databases back into mysql\data folder
    14. Run winmysqladmin.exe as admin
    15. use root/test or test/test or root/rufeng (which ever your database is configured to run the server)
    If anyone has any other problems that they would like me to add feel free to ask. Very Happy

    Credits to Thorlon.

    Thanks guys I hope you like it Smile

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