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    [Guide] How To Make Private Server For Newbie

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    Mini Icon Topic [Guide] How To Make Private Server For Newbie

    Post by Cruey on Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:25 pm

    Step 1

    Look for a db and client that u want to use .i will use revo db by cyberghoser1 .u can get it at here .


    If got dead link or not working just talk to the owner thread or mod .And then download those db and client .

    Step 2

    After u finished download it would be like this .

    Make new folder named TEST or anything u want .In the folder make another 2 new folder name CLIENT and DATABASE .

    Extract client and database file that u download to those CLIENT and DATABASE folder .

    STEP 3

    Next,open your database folder .

    Then mysql folder .

    Then bin folder .

    Then double-click at winmysqladmin .(Note for vista/win7 users:Right click and run as admin) .

    It will show box .It will ask for username and password .
    Put username=root
    Then click OK .

    Look at the clock bar .The traffic light colour must be green .

    Now u finished with mysql setting .Lets go to server files setting .

    STEP 4

    Open back your DATABASE folder .

    Open ACCServer folder .

    Then open account.ini .Change your server name ONLY .Then save .

    Next open Config.ini and change Servername and ip ONLY .Then save .

    STEP 5

    Next,open GameServer folder .

    Then open Config.ini .Change servername and ip ONLY .Then save .

    Next,open shell.ini .Change servername and ip ONLY .Then save .

    Next open ProSHELL .DONT EDIT ANYTHING .Just scroll down and click at the button .

    STEP 6

    Open your CLIENT folder .

    Then ini folder .

    Then find oem.dat .Right-click and choose open with and open it with notepad .

    Change Servername and IP .Please take note that your servername and ip setting must be same with your database side setting .Then save .

    Now u finished edit your client and dataase .Lets get going .

    STEP 7

    Now open back your DATABASE folder .

    Then ACCServer .

    Then click at AccountServer .If u first time running server firewall box will come out .Just click allow access .

    And then your AccountServer must be like this .

    Next open your GameServer .

    Then open MsgServer2.700 .If firewall box come out just click allow access .And your MsgServer must be like this .

    Next open your NPC .It must be like this .

    If all working fine thats mean your server is working!


    Login to your game by using soul.exe .

    Login to your game by using


    NOTE :

    -If pic too small just click em .
    -If got any problem just post here .

    IMPORTANT NOTE : Before u start your server make sure your pc date is up-to-date .

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    Mini Icon Topic Re: [Guide] How To Make Private Server For Newbie

    Post by [CEO]Ryan on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:48 pm

    wow, Its Very Detail >.<
    Its good for Newbie ^_^.

    Thanks Cruey.


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