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    [Release] Rainbow Database : Vampire/Godship/Legionairre Database!

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    Mini Icon Topic [Release] Rainbow Database : Vampire/Godship/Legionairre Database!

    Post by Cruey on Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:21 pm

    Additional: The database contains all material and server features which I alone coded, designed and created. I can barely recall if their were any bugs. I think there was with one of the vampire skills. People said it was supposed to be an xp skill but they could use it without having to be on XP. So its pretty minor but if you find any other problems please report them to this thread and i'll make a fix asap.

    Many database releases have come before this one such as the Manniquin DB and the Revolution DB. You can refer to this one as the Rainbow DB. Smile

    If any of the people on this forum has come into conflict with me in the past, please take this as a gift or whatever and wipe my slate clean even if your just blaming me for something that wasn't at all my fault. Smile I'm not the best person in the world.. but it takes all sorts to make one and I hope we can work together in a civilized manor as I hope in future to make more contributions and work on server projects with the rest of the community. Please enjoy the database i've worked on during my time as a successful server owner. Smile

    (If you cant find the old Disturbia client, use this download link until I have uploaded a different one: 4shared.com/rar/wLq0K1Si/KingdomEO_Client.html)


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    Mini Icon Topic Re: [Release] Rainbow Database : Vampire/Godship/Legionairre Database!

    Post by [CEO]Ryan on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:51 pm

    heeemppp, Cruey, Why My Messages Server is Error ?


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