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    [Release] RF Reckless Indonesia

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    Release [Release] RF Reckless Indonesia

    Post by ButterFlyJr on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:05 am

    RF Reckless Custom Private Server Golden Modifed Client
    ★Fixed Isis & Mau & Siege Kit Damage,Updated Level
    ★No Overpower Donation
    ★Anti Cheat (Powered by Zenobio Engine Game Guard)
    ★Friendly GM 24/7
    ★LVL Cap 70 ,Updated Soon ,More Fun
    ★Fun Rate Server
    ★Reckless Rules
    ★New Simp Charm And Mau Blazing

    ★Auto Patch
    ★Exp: 800x
    ★PT :GM
    ★Mine 50x
    ★Talic Drop: Caliana Archer
    ★T3 Drop :Parser Alpha
    ★T4 Biolab
    ★LGS & Box Large :Kukra Captain
    ★Box Medium :Naroom Captain
    ★Small Box RHS
    ★Portal Ether & PB markas Flem
    ★Chooty Elemental High
    ★6-7 Normal Favor & Keen Young Flem
    ★Superior 55 Box Wing
    ★Superior Changer Box Passer Alpha
    ★Superior Favor Upgrader Passer Beta
    ★Dagnue Drop HDH and 3D
    ★No Va S Card Drop Elf Land
    ★Cash Shop OD
    ★Intense 35-65
    ★Normal 35-65
    ★Golden NPC

    ★HQ Pit Boss :All Rune
    ★Sealed Piece PB :Reckless Item [Rare G](Strongest)
    ★PB Elf :Booster 55 Recipe
    ★Bulky Sette Excel ABC
    ★Majesty Weapon 70 :Dark Sign Medicallab 2nd Floor
    ★Majesty Armor 70 :Dark Pens Exile Land
    ★The Holy Guile Shield 70 :Dark Pens Exile Land

    ★New Map Penis Land [Exile Land with PENIS MONSTER]

    ★New Monster

    ★New PitBoss
    -Bloody Long Penis
    ★Not RENTED SERVER!!!!!!!!! Milik Sendiri

    ★Update Ready,Monthly Update,
    ★IX & IIX
    ★No Blocked Region IP

    8- 6- 2012 Online
    Web:http://reckless.rf-private.com/ [SOON]
    Note:Pakai Client /Golden Mistery

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    Event Winner

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    Release Re: [Release] RF Reckless Indonesia

    Post by xAlastor on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:29 pm

    kapan open betanya gan?

    Jalan cerita semua ini hanya sebatas to be continue,Not the end
    selalu ada hari esok untuk memperbaiki semuanya just be patient for this

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